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Grey's anatomy fanfiction jo faints


































O.It's probably a little out of character, but I'm happy with it.Alex sucked in a deep breath and released her hand.It made Alex miss Lexi and her photographic memory.He gestured impatiently for Amelia to continue.She knew Jo's mystery illness had been really difficult on him, shades of Izzie at every turn.The constant coughing and pain had exhausted her rapidly.Her eyes went wide at the effort of coughing and Alex propped her up so she didn't choke. after throwing up was to nap.Meredith turned quietly when Alex's shoulders started to shake a little.He blinked harshly against angry tears, thinking about Izzie.He knew she'd be passed out for at least an hour; her M.But his voice caught on the word 'fine' and he clenched his jaw.His fork was dangling from his hand, suspended in mid-air, where it stopped when Jo started coughing. EN SAVOIR PLUS >>>















Bring the Pain, a grey's anatomy fanfic | FanFiction

grey's anatomy fanfiction jo faints
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He did it again.I should of done something to stop him from hurting others but instead I ran. I don't know how, but it's him.Jo and Meredith wheel the man inside and into trauma bay two.Because chances are when that felling of freedom happens isn't when you achieved freedom.Nothing went wrong, no complications, I didn't even have morning sickness.Now I get why she didn't want to save his life.We can make a difference, we can put him behind bars where he belongs. He's just trying to hurt you with his words.A business man that has a reputable past.Then I yelled at him and got my arse kicked by Meredith.Regardless of whatever this man has done you are required to save his life.One-shot So this is something that I've been working on for a while now and now that it is finally complete I'm so excited to share it with you all and hear what you think.Now I'm probably going to get suspended, or worse, fired.Do you achieve it when everything is resolved.You are not on this case and you are not allowed to come near him.

grey's anatomy fanfiction jo faints
Image source: d.wattpad.com

Let It All Begin, a grey's anatomy fanfic | FanFiction

But their baby was pressing on her bladder and kicking her ribs and she had been confined to a bed for the last month of her pregnancy, of which she still had two weeks left, and she just wanted to cuddle with Alex.He worked his way out of the room as Meredith, Amelia, Maggie, Stephanie, Owen, Webber, and Bailey all packed into the room.To be honest, I wasn't sure if I'd ever get this.Jo held onto Alex's hand as Arizona examined her. And two, don't be mean to the pregnant lady.My sister decided to start watching it and I reluctantly joined in.You're having an emergency C-section and you're asking about my surgeries.Also, I know nothing about medical procedures, so if you find mistakes (which i'm sure you will lol) feel free to correct me. Anyway, I'm in love with Karev and Jolex is basically the only reason I'm still watching. a grey's anatomy fanfic.

A Special Kind of Worry, a grey's anatomy fanfic | FanFiction

Jo couldn't believe how fast it had all fallen apart.He needed to get to Jo, to make sure she was okay.Callie ran out and got the Seattle police to come and get Kate.She groaned as she woke up, feeling the intense pain in her stomach.He'd been in a bad mood ever since his and Jo's possible break-up and sleeping was just about the only thing he wanted to do right now.There was already a massive crowd of reporters, police officers, patients, employees, family members, and the SWAT team gathered outside.He bolted out of the loft, clutching his phone in a death grip.She was just proud that she didn't break down.She just couldn't.His heart was clenching in his chest and Alex felt like he might throw up or punch something.The bullet sliced through the air and embedded itself in Jo's stomach.They had so many issues with how his friends treated her, she couldn't possibly say yes to a proposal when she was feeling so miserable. grey's anatomy fanfic.


I should title this at some point

He smoothed his hands up and down along his legs. “Right now?” Jo opened her mouth, hoping words were going to come out, but all she could do was shrug her shoulders and fidget with her hands. “We’ve spent too much time in this bathroom together today.That you’re going to be a seriously great dad and that everyone at home is going to be so happy. “Oh, really?” Jo picked anxiously at her face in the mirror and turned when she saw Alex look at the test.” She exclaimed as she slapped playfully at his arm. “I know it feels like it’s taking forever, but I really don’t think it’s going to take that long.” Alex watched her from the couch as she grabbed the stick and sashayed back to the sofa, sitting herself onto her knees next to him.” Alex joked. “But really, what are we going to do.She was glad to ease his nerves, but partially hoped he’d say no as she suddenly remembered she hadn’t showered in a while and still had the faint taste of vomit in her mouth. Andrew DeLuca Multi-Chapter Fanfic CH1.

grey's anatomy fanfiction jo faints
Image source: d.wattpad.com

And most of all she didn't want to admit that Alex had probably been right; she probably should have taken her maternity leave already.I need you to tell me I can do this, cause this is scary and it hurts.Jo was panting harder with each contraction.Arizona had insisted on taking her to the nursery for a complete assessment despite Alex's protests that he could do it himself.Alex tightened his grip on his family smiling down at them as they slept.Jo reached for the baby scooting over in bed to make room for Alex.You're making me more nervous, and I don't need to be any more nervous.She was just starting to shiver when the elevator roared back to life.A warm wetness was spreading down her thighs.Jo goes into labor, and Alex fears that his child will be born before they can get out in time.He helped Jo to unbutton her shirt and placed the baby on her chest for warmth.The doors opened on the seventh floor and Arizona and Meredith rushed in.After a quick call to Meredith, he found out they were on lockdown.

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Alex and Jo

grey's anatomy fanfiction jo faints
Image source: d.wattpad.com




Anonymous said: Hi, love part b!!!! Can you please do a part c of Jo taking the test and her reaction and Alex’s reaction once it sinks in and everything. Or maybe her and Alex discussing what this...

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